How PLC are Important to Every Power Plant?

PLC can be put together into the hands of the local industrial control plant that has been operating nearly a decade or more, the early composition of PLC is due to hardware and software environment, the restrictions of its range of utility set by two constraints. In recent years, using the microelectronic technology and fast growth of computer systems, PLC product a higher degree of integration of the computer market with the latest technology directly into the traditional concept of manufacturing automation, operation and overall performance in the indicators to be significantly enriched or improved, to break through the traditional PLC concept in the little control area significantly expanded its range of applications. In the context of specific, cost-effective PLC has become the most prominent brand new aspect in the market.

Some of the latest design of PLC system have more advanced function, in addition to a traditional PLC product’s basic performance, it also has the following unique functions:

  • Powerful input / output signals to support capability, I / O interface, part of the help discrete points;
  • Rich simple, bundled instruction, the processor instruction set, is simple to understand easy of application and promotion;
  • Multi-level work status signals show the system to help on-site operating personnel working condition at a glance;
  • High reliability of performance design, ensure normal working conditions, maintenance of the system is the cheapest.

Two important component of various chemical water treatment plant in the automatic control system has a crucial placement. Its operating status will directly affect the essential safety of the boiler system and economic system, and affect the stability of the entire plant work and durability. Electrical control of water chemistry of various control valve change much more of them to operate any part of condition, balance and integrity of water may control some of the chemical side effects that is created with each hands.

For such a practical scenario. Several engineers control the chemical part of the water used by the PLC program control system configuration, high-performance PLC products, thus doing the chemical treatment section with start, stop, pause, and then begin the associated solenoid valve boxes, Fans Pump control. Chemical part of the running water (bottled water) and the regeneration of instruction all automatically. Whenever a water treatment tools failure, by the detection Meter Signal to the device from the method solution of water column, right after judging, confirmed with regeneration conditions, the automatic regeneration. Regeneration process has been completed the water quality and the device will automatically pass into the water system, restore water to the island.


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